Our mission is to stop the cruelty, abuse and neglect of dogs. Through foster homes, education

and unconditional love of our animals, our goal is to help in placing every dog, regardless of age, health status,

or behavioral condition, into loving and forever homes.


Communities often face challenges when providing excellent

animal care and control services. Success relies heavily

on a well-trained, professional staff who are compassionate,

committed, and dedicated to our mission.


Founder & Executive Director


Aly is the Founder of DFB. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing,

and a double minor in Political Science and Communications. She has always been an animal lover

and grew up around animals all of her life. She wanted to change public opinion on Pit Bulls after

learning about the horrible abuse in popular underground dog fighting communities around her.

Aly adopted her first pit, Anella, who was rescued in Philadelphia from a dog fighting operation,

where she was used as a bait dog. From then on, Alyson has made it her passion to save Pit Bulls from dog fighting.



People would call Taylor the crazy dog lover! She loves animals, even after being bite

in the face by a golden retriever when she was 9 years old. Taylor has grown up with

Pit Bulls and many other breeds her entire life. She has had 5 Pit Bulls at a time, a husky

and a shitzhu. She believes they are the most loyal, loving animals. She is currently a

waitress and will soon be finishing cosmetology school.



Ashley is a martial artist, and independent contractor. Her afternoon and

weekends are filled with outdoor adventures with her dogs. Whether it’s

swimming, camping, or making tunnels in the snow they are tail wagging

happy together. When her three Siberian Huskies aren’t occupying her time,

she’s drawing or planning her next adventure!