Are you looking for a family dog? Do you want a loving companion?

Dawgs Fight Back is committed to rescuing and re-homing dogs in need! Our adoption process is designed to find the best fit for adopters, and place the right dog with the right family. Whether you have a specific pup in mind or just beginning your search for a new family member; our adoption coordinator is here to guide you through the process!


DOWNLOAD: Adoption Application Form 

Adoption Fees:Adult Dogs : $450 (7 months and older)
Puppies: $650  (7 months and younger)

Senior Dogs: $350 ( 6 years + )


  • Age appropriate vaccinations (DHLPP/DA2PP: Distemper/Hepatitis /Parainfluenza/Parvo vaccine)

  • Bordetella/kennel cough vaccine (only administered if dog has been transported from out of state, local surrenders do not receive this vaccine)

  • Rabies certificate and tag for puppies 12 weeks and older

  • Parasite prevention treatments

  • Spay or Neuter (for dogs over the age of 6 months)

  • Heartworm testing for adult dogs

  • Any necessary skin scraping and treatment

  • General wellness exam visits

  • Health certificate ( If out of state )

  • 1 month heartworm preventative

  • 1 month flea/tick topical preventative

  • Transport to NH ( If out of State )

  • 3-5 day quarantine in a NH USDA approved ISO facility

  • Wellness Check by our Veterinarian prior to being released from our ISO facility

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